Crystallization earrings-6 styles to choose from

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Product details

product details

The seed of star crystallization earrings with the brand name plate backings.

The front piece with cubic zirconia can be worn with a different backing.

tree of life & tulip & seed of star & triangle & wing & wreath

wing crystallization earrings

triangle crystallization earrings

tree of life earrings

wreath crystallization earrings

tulip crystallization earrings

Each pair comes with an extra pair of silicon covered gold colour backings.

Crystallization - Seed of star 《once upon a time*earrings》

The enormous pressure caused by the temperature drop crystallized all the softness from the fantasyland to a more balanced pure status.

☞ There are 2 ways to wear- one is to wear the front (cubic zirconia) part with the brand name plate backings, the other one is to wear the front part with the spare (silicon) backings. 

Composition: cubic zirconia, rose gold electroplating brass, stainless steel anti-allergic stud, white coloured resin
Dimension: 3cm (D)

tree of life & tulip & seed of star & triangle & wing & wreath
Made in Taiwan