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Twilight series- hexagonal chain * bracelet

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Product details

Twilight series-  hexagonal chain bracelet


brass material without any plating

The twilight series bracelets are versatile when one join the other-

2 of them could become a double bracelet. 3 of them could turn out to be a necklace. Mix and match for your own style.

 twilight series try on - thin light bracelet

twilight series try on - tassel light bracelet

暮光系列試戴照 - 圓光手鍊款

Twilight series – hexagonal chainOnce upon a time * bracelet


Before it goes dark, the sunset creates a beautiful curve across the sky above the horizon.

The blue rooftop waves the farther end goodbye.

You get to taste, the taste of this wonderful city.

Composition: brass chain, Swarovski rhinestone

Small size: 15cm

Medium size: 16cm

Large size: 17cm

Made in Taiwan

Twilight bracelet series

Twilight series – box chain

Twilight series – rectangle cable

Twilight series – dots strap and cubic zirconia chain

Twilight series – tube and short chain

Twilight series – lozenge and cubic zirconia chain

Twilight series – tassel chain

Twilight series – lozenge and ring and bead chain

Twilight series – smile curve and opal chain

Twilight series – oval and ring and bead chain

Twilight series – twisted bar link chain

Twilight series – cross wheel link chain

Twilight series – O link chain

Twilight series-circular light


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