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Twilight series- twisted bar link chain * bracelet

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Product details

product details

twisted bar link chain bracelet

brass material without any plating

The twilight series bracelets are versatile when one join the other-

2 of them could become a double bracelet. 3 of them could turn out to be a necklace. Mix and match for your own style.

twilight series try on - tassel light bracelet

twilight series try on - thin light bracelet

 twilight series try on - circular light bracelet

Twilight series –  twisted bar link chain Once upon a time * bracelet


Before it goes dark, the sunset creates a beautiful curve across the sky above the horizon.

The blue rooftop waves the farther end goodbye.

You get to taste, the taste of this wonderful city.

The ends can be joined with other twilight bracelets for several uses.

Composition: brass chain, Swarovski rhinestone
尺寸:S-15cm , M-16cm , L-17cm


Made in Taiwan

《Twilight bracelet series》

Twilight series – hexagonal chain

Twilight series – box chain

Twilight series – rectangle cable

Twilight series – dots strap and cubic zirconia chain

Twilight series – tube and short chain

Twilight series – lozenge and cubic zirconia chain

Twilight series – tassel chain

Twilight series – lozenge and ring and bead chain

Twilight series – smile curve and opal cha

Twilight series – oval and ring and bead chain

Twilight series – cross wheel link chain

Twilight series – O link chain

Twilight series- circular light

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