PURE Series – Late Autumn Fairy earring & ear cuff

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Product details

product details

Late autumn Fairy earring & ear cuff

Composition of twigs and leaves on the golden autumn theme.

The stud on one end and the ear cuff on the other secures its position on the ear.



The twigs and leaves grow along the ear. You can put on the dragonfly ear cuff to complement the theme.

This earring & ear cuff is designed to fit the left ear.

PURE Series – Late Autumn once upon a time* Fairy ear cuff 


Day after day passed by, fallen leaves disappeared quietly.

The new growth begins in the late autumn.


This earring & ear cuff is designed to fit the left ear.


Composition: 18K antique gold colour plating brass, anti-allergy stainless stud

Dimension:  H  4.5 cm


Made in Taiwan