Alchemy Series Links * ear cuff

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Alchemy Series – Links * ear cuff (4 colours)

TWD $780

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Product details

Alchemy Series – Links * ear cuff


18K gold colour & platinum colour & black nickel colour & rose gold colour


The ear cuff flanges can be opened slightly to accommodate the thickness of the ear’s cartilage.


Antique gold colour and black nickel colour




Rose gold colour and platinum colour






Where to place the ear cuff


Parallel structure look with Swarovski rhinestones and links




The profile of the ear cuff curve









Alchemy Series - Links Once upon a time * ear cuff 


“…like a chariot wheel, having a hallow centre and this full of fire,…” , by pre-Socratic Greek philosopher-Anaximander. 

★ Single ear cuff



Composition: 18K gold colour/ black nickel colour/ platinum colour/ rose gold colour plated brass, Swarovski rhinestones

The ear cuff diameter is about 20mm



Made in Taiwan



《 Alchemy collection 》

斥極 * 耳窩夾


平行 * 耳窩夾


纖維 * 耳窩夾




Alchemy Series – Links * ear cuff (4 colours)

TWD $780


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