Alchemy Series – Triangle sum theorem dangle earrings

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Product details

product details


Alchemy Series – Triangle sum theorem dangle earrings


Black nickel colour triangle sum theorem & platinum colour triangle sum theorem


The earring chain can be pulled through ear piercing, adjust it to your desired pendant height.







Black nickel colour plated brass bead backings






Platinum colour plated brass bead backing


Model wearing black nickel colour triangle sum theorem earrings



Connecting 3 triangles in different sizes to create different visual sensation of space from various angles 
















Alchemy Series – Triangle sum theorem Once upon a time * dangle earrings 



“…like a chariot wheel, having a hallow centre and this full of fire,…” , by pre-Socratic Greek philosopher-Anaximander.



Composition: brass, anti-allergic stainless steel studs, black colour resin


The full length measures approx 105mm




Made in Taiwan


《 Alchemy collection 》