Alchemy | Alchemy Series – Expressionism * necklace/ bracelet 2 colours to choose from

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Product details

product details

Alchemy | Alchemy Series – Expressionism necklace/ bracelet



Platinum colour of Expressionism


18K antique gold colour of Expressionism


Handmade chain with asymmetric structure 








Simple circle closure with hidden clasp




You can wrap it around your wrist twice as a layered bracelet.




Necklace end with a brand name plate

















Alchemy | Alchemy Series - Expressionism  Once upon a time * necklace/ bracelet


 “…like a chariot wheel, having a hallow centre and this full of fire,…” , by pre-Socratic Greek philosopher-Anaximander.



Composition: 18K antique gold colour/ platinum colour plated brass

Full length measures 39cm




Made in Taiwan



《 Alchemy 項鍊系列相關設計連結 》

簡約主義 * 項鍊 / 手鍊


解構主義 * 項鍊 / 手鍊