Hydromancy | Hydromancy – Tears of bee earrings * 2 colours

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Product details

product details


Hydromancy – Tears of bee * earrings 

18K gold colour of tears of bee earrings 

Rose gold colour of tears of bee earrings 

Hypoallergenic stainless steel studs

Silicone wrapped hypoallergenic backing 

Pair of earrings

The combination of tiny cubic zirconias and bee figure

Wearing the stud earrings to look graceful and modest 

The tears of bee collection – earrings & necklaces 

Hydromancy | Hydromancy – tears of bee《 ONCE UPON A TIME * earrings 》


 It was thus potentially lucky to throw bread in the fountain, but it depended on whether it sank in or not.


★ The price is for a pair 

Composition: Hypoallergenic stainless steel studs, rose gold colour / 18K gold colour plating brass, cubic zirconia 


Dimension:  1cm 

Made in Taiwan

《 Hydromancy Series collection》 

Hydromancy – Tears of bee * necklaces